SmoothVu™ is a complete production studio that Includes 3 axis brushless motor stabilizer, professional recording mic, high intensity adjustable LED lights, hard case, and wide angle lenses for your smartphone. We even include a tripod so you can be in the video too!
Capture memorable moments more easily and professionally from your smartphone.
Ever try and create videos outside? Of course, you have! Sound quality isn’t so great, is it? How about when there is wind blowing or it is overcast or dark out? Or how about making a video inside your car, the lighting is horrible!
With just a stabilizer, you capture this amazing footage, like of your roommate jumping off the 2nd story balcony into the pool! You can’t wait to post onto Facebook. But when you download the video the wind was blowing and you couldn’t hear your roommate yell “Oh, sh**!” when he jumped.



Creating great video requires four things:
1.) A good camera  (your Smart Phone)
2. Steady not shaky video (stabilizer)
3. Good sound (high quality microphone)
4.) Good lighting. (LED light)

SmoothVu gives you all of that and more!

SmoothVu will help you create clean, crisp, clear videos. We have created the world’s first fully integrated stabilizer with professional quality accessories to make the world’s first hand held production studio. Great for any profession! Real estate professionals can now make movie quality videos of their homes for sale. YouTubers can have production quality videos. TV personalities can make videos on the go! Weddings can now be filmed which you can be sure of great quality.